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Dec 4, 2013 5:00pm PST
, excluding san francisco. look at the numbers. 26 degrees in santa rosa this morning. napa 27. 29 livermore. below freezing. it will be colder tomorrow. a freeze warning in effect for all 9 counties. temperatures could easily get into the teens. talking napa, santa rosa. a freeze warning in effect tomorrow morning till 9:00 a.m. coming up the cold weather, the freeze warning and the chance of snow. >> thank you. to. >> rob roth. he joins us live from santa rosa. >> reporter: as the sun goes down you can feel the temperature drop. according to the weather app right now in san jose, it is 50 degrees. but that will feel warm compared to later tonight. >> reporter: at this store in san jose one of the hottest selling items is this blanket to keep the plants warm. >> as the winds set in later in the afternoon, people this can about their -- people think about their plants. >> i just want to protect my plants. >> reporter: a cold air mass descended and expected to linger. christmas in the park in downtown san jose, many people. >> chills down your spine but then you walk into the coffee shop and
Dec 3, 2013 5:00pm PST
overnight low temperatures. current numbers 49 right now in napa. the north bay will see temperatures tomorrow morning just before sun rise that will be down into the upper 20s and low 30s. frost in lots of plaices. below freezing temperatures in lots of places tonight, especially in the north bay. yesterday's temperatures and today's temperatures, that front went through. separates the warm air from the cold air. now we are in the old air sector of that front. just happens to be very cold. kind of continental cold air that's going to settle in. stick around for awhile. it will drop temperatures in the north bay to the freeze warning level in the north bay. for the rest of the bay area, excluding san francisco, as we go into wednesday night and thursday morning. so, a very cool period coming up. it's not going to warm up any time soon. overnight lows for tomorrow morning. 28 in santa rosa. 29 in fairfield. these numbers could dip even further out in the valley. upper 20s, low 30s. oakland 39 degrees. not 28, but 39 degrees in an urban area is a big deal. you have lots of issues when
Dec 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
couple of mornings. record-breaking cold as you can see for parts of the bay area. napa, 25 degrees. mountain view 33. san jose 30 degrees. you might have said today it felt cold enough to snow. that is the case. you can pick up the current radar up to the north. ukia has been reporting snow since 1:00 this afternoon. they're over 600 feet. this is very low snow levels. you can pick out also right around lake county, the snowfall on the increase. as we switch over to the radar, showing you the overall pattern across the region, the bulk of the activity in rain showers focused in north bay, reports of light rain up in santa rosa. also cloverdale. moving the maps to the south, not too much coverage but a few light rain showers in oakland. i will tell you this activity will be taking up in the short- term as you can see here around the hay what were area and the -- heyward area. we have rain approaching santa cruz in the immediate shoreline. that will continue that trend in the short-term. here is our forecast model. put this into motion. look what happens at 8:00. coverage on the incr
Dec 1, 2013 5:00pm PST
. 63degrees. overnight lows, the extreme chill not here yet, but upper 30s for santa rosa and napa. 40s in the map for san francisco, fremont, and san jose. patchy fog, redeveloping coast side. maybe a few patches inland as well. here is the forecast model. changes. right now, in the clear. and we'll put this in motion tomorrow morning at 6:00. here we go with the fog, redeveloping coast side, and right around the bay. look at the cloud cover here to the north, and a few rain showers. there is a slight chance of a shower approach in the north bay. the main event will be an increase in the mid- to upper level clouds by 4:00. we'll start out the day tomorrow morning with the areas of fog, upper 30s, to upper 40s. 4:00temperatures in the upper 40s, to the mid-60s. here is your five-day forecast. take a look at the overnight lows, very important, especially wednesday morning, thursday morning, friday morning, subfreezing temperatures across parts of the bay area. there is a chance we could have a freeze watch. that's very likely for those three days. more on the cold numbers coming up in th
Dec 5, 2013 5:00pm PST
. check this out. napa 16 degrees this morning. that ties a record. they went 12 hours below freezing. that is a big deal. last night's temperatures were below freezing for 12 hours. that will happen again tonight. the story will be for continued very cold temperatures. numbers right now in the low 40s. the freeze warning for the bay area, except san francisco. i will talk about that. the timing of the next rainfall that could bring snow and how low the snow levels could be. >> our team coverage continues with john fowler where the cold caused problems throughout the day. john? >> reporter: no problems right now. it is hat and glove weathers. for these people, skaters. the annual ice skating event here. now the temperatures good for the surface, keep the edges good and hard. but many people told us the frusty conditions are making life -- frosty conditions are making life hard. >> freezing. >> reporter: you can expect a repeat of the hard freeze. a few pipes burst making sidewalks dangerous. >> my car was covered in frost and the ground outside was all icy. i slid around on it. >> rep
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5